Achievements Made in Mining Industry of DPRK​


Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) -- Officials and working people in the mining industry of the DPRK push ahead with the work to attain the mineral production goal of this year while speeding up the maintenance and reinforcement of production processes and equipment.

The Ministry of Mining Industry has taken innovative measures to increase the mining, transport, ore dressing and smelting capacity at different mines and smelteries.

The December 5 Youth Mine put spurs to adjustment and reinforcement, while increasing the crystal mirabilite production and making up for the shortage of equipment and spare parts by its own effort.

Phungnyon, Yongyu and Jungsan mines are pushing ahead with the project for updating dozens of objects at the final stage and carrying out the phosphorous concentrated ore production plan without fail by ensuring proper repair of the existing equipment.

Sijung and Riwon mines finished the repair of crushers and dust-collecting devices and have increased the mineral production, thus contributing to major construction projects.

Officials and workers of the Munphyong Smeltery finished the plan for readjustment and reinforcement of this year and are stepping up the production according to indices as scheduled while ensuring the full operation of revolving furnace and other equipment.

The Taedonggang Battery Factory over-fulfills its daily production plan by tapping internal reserves.


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