Successes Made in Field of Medical Science​


Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) -- Officials and researchers of the Academy of Medical Science in the DPRK have made achievements in the medical science research.

In liaison with relevant units, researchers of the Institute of Antibody Engineering under the academy collected a lot of basic data needed for making new therapeutic drugs and developed a Korean-style molecular target therapeutics to prevent and cure tumor by applying biotechnological methods to strengthen the immune functions of patients.

The Tumor Institute developed the anti-cancer injection with domestically abundant Koryo medicines and perfected a new method of treating malignant lymphoma with Korean-style medicine and introduced it into clinical practice.

The Environmental Sanitation Institute made progress in the research into natural preservative. It developed a new freshness-preservation chip that makes it possible to increase the foodstuff preservation period without adversely affecting human health by using the characteristics of Propolis.

The Biomedicine Institute and other institutes, too, are conducting research to develop medicines which are suited to the constitutional characteristics of the Korean people and effective to shorten treatment period.


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