Effective Mass Technical Innovation Movement​


Pyongyang, September 16 (KCNA) -- Trade union organizations in Nampho Municipality of the DPRK make successes in implementing the resolutions of the Party Plenary Meeting by kindling the flames of the mass technological innovation movement, true to the Party's policy of opening a shortcut to the fulfillment of the new five-year plan by dint of science and technology.

The municipal trade union committee has directed efforts to the organizational and political work to make the whole course of the mass movement the process of ideological mobilization and ideological motivation that arouses enthusiasm and emulation among workers and trade union members.

Meanwhile, an exhibition of technical innovation successes was held to praise exemplary workers and trade union members who are making contributions to modernizing production lines and boosting labor productivity.

Trade union organizations in Waudo District made valuable technical innovation proposals, including the establishment of the process for producing light-burned magnesia plywood.

Workers and trade union members in Hanggu District invented and manufactured a non-motorized soybean separator to contribute to the reinforcement and the revitalization of production.

Kangso District has produced tens of kinds of light industrial goods popular among the people by arousing the creative enthusiasm of trade union members.

The Kangson vinyl sheet factory, improving the technical knowledge of employees, has produced quality vinyl sheets, hoses, raincoats and other goods to be sent to the rural areas.

Chollima District and university teachers, researchers and technicians in the municipality established a process of producing firebricks with a much longer life than the existing one.


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