Kil Yong Jo Youth Death-defying Corps Organized​


Pyongyang, June 7 (KCNA) -- With enthusiasm to make a breakthrough in the ongoing general advance for attaining the 12 major goals for the development of the national economy set forth by the Party, 100 young people in North Hamgyong Province of the DPRK formed the Kil Yong Jo youth death-defying corps and launched a high-speed tunneling movement.

A meeting for forming the Kil Yong Jo youth death-defying corps took place on June 6.

The flag was presented to the youth death-defying corps and a report and speeches were made at the meeting.

The reporter and speakers called upon all the young people to glorify with high feats the days of youth for implementing the Party's resolutions with the indomitable spirit peculiar to the Korean youth and leave a clear trace of their life in the history of building a thriving country.

They expressed the will to fully demonstrate the mettle of patriotic youth in the struggle for building a powerful socialist country just like the youth in the Chollima era who volunteered to work on mountains, at sea and in new development areas in response to the call of the Party.

Officials and workers gave bouquets to the members of the death-defying corps who volunteered to work at a new revolutionary post.


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