Rice-transplanting Finished in Main Paddy Fields​


Pyongyang, June 2 (KCNA) -- Amid the campaign to attain without fail this year's goal for grain production set forth by the Workers' Party of Korea, North Phyongan Province and Kaesong City in the DPRK have completed rice-transplanting in the main paddy fields.

Some farms in North Phyongan Province finished the rice-transplanting in the right time by germinating rice seeds, sowing seeds in rice nurseries and digging the drainage canals as demanded by the Juche methods of farming, and those who have come to help farmers removed the young rice plants from the seedbeds and transplanted them in a responsible manner.

Farms in Kaesong City made the caretakers of rice nurseries display a high sense of responsibility, and improved the technical skill of the operators of rice-transplanting machines and rice-seedling suppliers, thus over-fulfilling their daily plans.

Agricultural officials and workers and helpers are cultivating the rice in a sci-tech way in the same spirit as was displayed in finishing the rice-transplanting in the right time.


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