Vegetable Production Goes Up in DPRK​


Pyongyang, May 26 (KCNA) -- The Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm in South Hamgyong Province of the DPRK is now producing tens of tons of fresh vegetables every day to supply them to cities and counties in the province.

Under the wise guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the farm was successfully built into a large-scale modern greenhouse farm where automation has been realized on a higher level, a base for creating the Korean-style rural civilization.

The province has pushed ahead with the work to raise the scientific level of vegetable production and management at the farm and improve the technical skills of its employees to boost the production.

Officials and employees of the farm have registered high production results every day by properly combining the cultivation of leaf, root and fruit vegetables, encouraging inter after-cropping and introducing advanced farming techniques to raise the per-hectare yield.

The farm is supplying various kinds of greenhouse vegetables to the workers and scientists in Hamhung City and other inhabitants in the province.


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