Quality of Insulators Improved​


Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) -- The Kyongsong Insulator Factory of the DPRK focuses on the management of equipment and technical control for raising the quality of products.

Its officials are giving precedence to the technical preparations for production and the supply of raw and other materials and, at the same time, conducting a proper review of work to make sure that the requirements for quality indices are strictly met on all processes.

Workers and technicians of the material-preparing workshop are striving to steadily improve their technical skills and smoothly supply the electric equipment spares and standard goods.

The sheet metal processing workshop improved the performance of the press to ensure the standard measurement in the processing of products and invented a correction jig necessary for fixing insulators.

Other units involved in the production of insulators, too, are pooling efforts to improve the quality of products while solving the technical problems arising in various processes.


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