Education Improved in Rural Area of DPRK​


Pyongyang, February 4 (KCNA) -- South Hwanghae Province of the DPRK propels the work to raise the educational level of rural schools purposefully, true to the intention of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The province dispatched competent teachers to rural schools to give practical workshops for improving the qualifications of local teachers.

Officials in the field of education learned about the educational conditions in the rural areas and took measures to solve the knotty problems in strengthening the teachers' camp.

Teachers of Haeun Primary School in Haeju City transferred various superior teaching methods to schools in Kangryong, Sinchon, Anak and other counties and conducted demonstration teaching, thus amplifying the efficacy of the workshops.

Teachers of the Puyong Junior Middle School in Haeju City, dispatched to Jangyon County, conducted a workshop in various methods to show the ways for overcoming the problems arising in teaching natural subjects.

Teachers of various senior middle schools, too, explained teaching methods for raising the cognitive effect of students and gave a correct understanding of the work to put the educational contents on a practical, comprehensive and modern basis through model lessons.


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