Anti-epidemic Information Service Intensified in DPRK​


Pyongyang, February 3 (KCNA) -- The anti-epidemic information service is being intensified in all fields and units of the DPRK to cope with the worsening global health crisis and the increasing probability of outbreak of viral respiratory diseases in winter conditions.

Efforts are directed to thoroughly preventing all inhabitants from making contact with strange objects and wild animals and to encouraging them to stay highly vigilant against abnormal phenomena in their surroundings.

The State Emergency Epidemic Prevention Headquarters has called for conducting the anti-epidemic publicity with data on the recent spread of Omicron sub-variants in different countries and regions and the consequences of outbreak and spread of viral respiratory diseases. Offensive anti-epidemic propaganda in public places and through various processes of work and life are encouraged.

Emergency epidemic prevention units at all levels, too, are conducting the information work to prevent any practices of neglecting or violating the anti-epidemic rules, aware of the importance of all elements.

Medical workers of curative and preventive institutions across the country are making detailed medical examinations in their areas and explaining common knowledge of medical treatment for preventing the outbreak and spread of various respiratory diseases to encourage everyone to work and live in good health.


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