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Power Stations of DPRK Take Technical Steps to Improve Scientific Water Control​


Pyongyang, January 23 (KCNA) -- Suphung and Thaechon power stations introduced technical innovations conducive to raising the level of the scientific water control and established a system of planned equipment maintenance in a thoroughgoing way to give priority to technical guidance for ensuring the normal operation.

The Suphung Power Station has installed a new type of water wheel vanes to further consolidate the production base, and has directed efforts to the management of hydraulic structures. And it completed the overhaul of the breakers and is increasing the operating rate of generators.

Workers and technicians of the Thaechon Power Station are conducting a brisk technical innovation movement aimed at boosting the output of generators on the basis of calculation of water quantity and head in conformity with the characteristics of the cascade power station.

Meanwhile, the supply units of the power stations are producing various kinds of accessories in a qualitative way and contributing to the readjustment and reinforcement of existing foundations and putting the production on a normal basis.



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