Railway Transport Sector Fulfills Monthly Plan​


Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- Workers in the railway transport sector of the DPRK fulfilled their freight transport plan for November.

Those of the Pyongyang Railway Bureau made innovations in the freight transport to the construction site of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area, thermal power stations and metal factories.

Engine drivers at the West Pyongyang Service Brigade of Engine, the Pyongyang Service Brigade of Engine, Sinsongchon Service Brigade of Engine, Pukchang Service Brigade of Engine and other brigades finished their monthly transport plan by raising the actual operating ratio of locomotives.

The Hamhung Railway Bureau more firmly established the transport control system and shortened the date of repairing of locomotives, thus registering high results in transport.

The same is true of Chongjin, Kaechon and Rason railway bureaus.


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