Meetings of Young Activists in Noble Traits​


Pyongyang, November 25 (KCNA) -- Meetings of young activists in noble traits took place at the youth league committees of Pyongyang City, South Hwanghae Province, Jagang Province, Rason City, Kaesong City and the Pyongyang Construction Commission.

Present there were Party and youth league officials of relevant regions and units, activists in noble traits and youth and students.

Reports and speeches were made at the meetings.

They noted that a new heyday of the Korean youth movement has been ushered in along with the comprehensive development of socialist construction under the outstanding guidance of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who is glorifying the unique idea of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il on attaching importance to the youth.

They stated that the young people in our era are growing up to be persons of idea and faith steadfastly carrying forward the lineage of Paektu and masters of virtue and noble traits devoting themselves to the society and collective.

They stressed that the daily increasing number of masters of virtue and noble traits among the young people is a proud fruition of our Party's idea and policy of valuing the youth and a striking demonstration of their great vitality.

They called for positively following the examples of the front-rankers in noble traits who have devoted themselves to the society and collective and thus fully displaying the virtues and noble traits peculiar to Korean-style socialism.


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