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Fishery Stations in DPRK Have Big Catch in East Sea of Korea​


Pyongyang, November 23 (KCNA) -- Fishery stations in the DPRK have made a good haul in different fishing zones on the East Sea of Korea, especially in the sea off Sinpho.

Shoal-finding ships of all the fishery stations are keen on finding main fishing ground on the east sea. Meanwhile, fishing boats are increasing per-ship and per-netting catches, combining concentrated and dispersed operation depending on survey results.

The fishery stations under the Sinpho Distant-Sea Fishery Complex are deeply engaged in fishing in the main fishing grounds based on accurate estimate of shoaling at different depths with the help of water temperature transmission system.

Fishing boats of the Yanghwa Fishery Station have increased the frequency of hauling in a prompt and successive way.

Fishermen of Hongwon, Soho and Rakwon fishery stations under the South Hamgyong Provincial Fishery Management Bureau have introduced efficient fishing implements and devised and applied fishing ways for night work.

The Kim Chaek Fishery Station under the North Hamgyong Provincial Fishery Management Bureau, and Songdowon and Thongchon fishery stations under the Kangwon Provincial Fishery Management Bureau also make a good haul on a daily basis.



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