Anti-Epidemic Foundation of Regions and Units Further Strengthened​


Pyongyang, November 11 (KCNA) -- The activities of the regions and units are getting brisk in the DPRK to lay a stronger anti-epidemic foundation for reliably guaranteeing the country's anti-epidemic security and the people's life and health.

All sectors and units take preventive measures to cope with the outbreak of various diseases due to seasonal conditions and, on the basis of experience and lessons in anti-epidemic work, are directing all efforts to perfecting the emergency response capability.

The State Emergency Epidemic Prevention Headquarters is conducting a comprehensive operation and command to perfect material and technical preparations for coping with prospective threats and challenges, including enhancing the role of scientific research institutes and disseminating advanced experience in anti-epidemic work in time.

Meanwhile, a number of units are producing and introducing various equipment and disinfectant solutions including ultraviolet air disinfector and antifreeze disinfectant solution amid the brisk activities of scientific research institutes to develop effective disinfection means and put the disinfection method on a more scientific basis.

The work for improving technical and practical qualifications of anti-epidemic and public health workers is being sped up in a planned way.

Thousands of anti-epidemic workers across the country are involved in the tele-reeducation system, accumulating rich knowledge and experience to solve the problems arising in anti-epidemic practice at a rapid pace.

Medical workers from central-level hospitals are conducting medical examination and hygienic information service in local areas, while conducting technical training to contribute to improving the qualifications of local medical workers.

Technical preparations for remodeling curative and preventive organs and the work for revitalizing the production of medicines, medical appliances and anti-epidemic goods and expanding the production capacity are also being pushed forward.


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