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Innovative Efforts Brisk in Dairy Production of DPRK​


Pyongyang, November 7 (KCNA) -- Goat farms in different parts of the DPRK have increased the production of milk, improved milk processing technology and made progress in ensuring the quality of dairy products.

The Kanggye Goat Farm used various injections and common medicines manufactured by itself to reduce the death rate of goats and took measures to produce substitute feed, thus raising the level of scientific breeding.

The Orang County Goat Farm established a process for producing milk powder and introduced technical innovations for improving the indices for quality of milk powder.

The Chongjin City Goat Farm directed efforts to settling the problems arising in increasing the fattening and growth rates of goats by using additives in mixed feed.

The Unjong Stock-breeding Farm of the North Hwanghae Provincial Rural Economy Committee established an assembly-line production process for milk powder to provide a technical guarantee for increasing the production of yoghurt and milk powder.

Various units have also put the production of dairy products on a normal basis by fully preparing equipment necessary for production.



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