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Sci-Tech Complex in DPRK​


A large number of working people and school youth and children in the DPRK visit the Sci-Tech Complex every day to access scientific and technological data.

The complex was built into a grand palace for all-people study and a center for disseminating science and technology to contribute to making all the people of the country well versed in science and technology.

This would have been unthinkable without the incessant efforts of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who devoted himself to providing our people with another precious gift.

In June Juche 103 (2014), he visited the Ssuk Islet which is one of the three pride islets in Pyongyang together with Rungna and Yanggak islets, and personally initiated the construction of the Sci-Tech Complex, a symbol of the Juche-oriented architectural art encapsulating our Party's policy of attaching importance to science and talents. He declared to the whole world that the place would be developed into an islet of science.

He went round the place under construction in February 2015 and gave precious instructions on the project, saying that the complex should be successfully built as a world-class structure fully encapsulating our Party's idea of attaching importance to science and technology and perfect in formative art of architecture and practicality and as a house dear to all the people in learning science and technology.

He visited the place again in October that year and went round the completed complex, splendid and magnificent and rare, with great satisfaction. He said that the complex is a precious crystal of our Party's idea of attaching importance to science and technology.

At the inauguration ceremony on January 1, 2016, Kim Jong Un said that the inauguration of the complex shows how much importance our Party attaches to the scientific front, stressing the need to operate the complex well, a precious wealth of the country.

The Sci-Tech Complex has recently developed and completed an electronic data harvesting system to improve the main function of the network system for sci-tech learning spaces and introduced it into tens of city and county Mirae e-libraries across the country.

It has archived a lot of scientific and technological data conducive to the development of science and technology and economic development of the country.



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