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National Flower of the DPRK​


Mokran (Magnolia) is the national flower of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

It is a deciduous shrub or a high tree belonging to the magnolia family which grows together with other trees. Its habitats are mountain valleys, mountain hips and other wetlands everywhere in Korea except some areas in North Hamgyong, Ryanggang and Jagang provinces.

It grows as high as 2-5 meters. Usually several trunks come out of the root neck and seldom a single truck grows just like a small tree.

Its bark is grayish white and relatively smooth. Young branches are thickly covered with brown hairs.

Leaves alternate and have short leafstalks. They are 12-14 cm long and 5-10 cm wide. Some are bigger, 25 cm long and 15 cm wide.

By May and June white fragrant blossoms hang down their heads slightly downwards or sideways. This plant is in full bloom between late May and mid-June. In early and mid-July it almost withers away.


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