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National Dog of the DPRK​


Korea with beautiful mountains and clear water has many well-known endemic animals.

Among them is the Phungsan dog which is known as a specialty of Korea since ancient times.

The home of the Phungsan is the area of Kim Hyong Gwon County in Ryanggang Province, which was called Phungsan in the past. Hence, the name of the dog Phungsan.

The Phungsan is clever and nimble and fights its rival to the end. Especially the dog trained for hunting is good at watching and follows its master like a shadow in mountains. When a rival appears, the dog fights harder than other species of dogs. The dog is characterized by the obstinacy of not freeing its rival once its teeth take the enemy´s throat and by the stubbornness of not stepping back once a fight starts.

The dog with thick and strong hind legs runs fast in mountains as well. The eyes are comparatively small and their pupils are black or grey. Veins are clear in the whites of the eyes and the eyes are reddish and bright. The comparatively small ears are pricked forward or sideways. The neck is thick and short and well-developed. The belly of the she-dog seems to be a little droopy.

The belly of the he-dog is high compared with that of the she-dog. So it is convenient for quick movement. The tail is coiled up on the hip. The four legs are comparatively short and the hind legs of some have additional toes and others not. The wool is white in the main and some light yellowish brown. The male is about 55 centimeters tall and the female about 53 centimeters. The male is 24 to 25 kilograms heavy and 28 kilograms at maximum and the female 22 to 23 kilograms and about 27 kilograms at maximum. The dog is in pup for 60 days, pups five to six at a brood and suckles them for 45 to 50 days. It stands cold and various diseases well and is omnivorous. The pure breed is kept by pure propagation.

In Korea the Phungsan has been registered as a national living monument to keep its characteristics.



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