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National Bird of the DPRK​


The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea regards the Eurasian goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) as its national bird, which the Korean people have loved for ages.

As a settled species living in the Mt. Paektu area and other mountainous regions of Korea, it belongs to the eagle family of the stork-heron order.

Characterized by a sharp beak, strong claws and observing eyes, the male reaches 50 cm in length, while the female about 56 cm. It is about 1 kg in weight with 30-cm-long wings.

It varies in color; most of the male birds are black on the top and back of the head, dark brown on the wing feathers and nape, and white and dark brown streaks on the chest and belly. The tail is rather long, and the female’s is longer than the male’s.

It usually resides in the northern mountainous regions of Korea and moves to central and southern areas in autumn for wintering. The species is widely distributed in the central and northern parts of the Eurasian continent and in North America. When the breeding season comes, it makes a dish-shaped nest on a tall tree and lays three to four light green or blue eggs. It breeds once a year. It mainly preys upon pheasants, small birds, hares and ducks.

As it is agile and intrepid in action, it has been used in pheasant hunting.



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