National Flag of the DPRK​


The five-point red star symbolizes the traditions of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle led by President Kim Il Sung and the prospect of the country, and the red panel represents the Korean people’s loyalty to the Party and the leader, their socialist patriotism, their indomitable fighting spirit and their invincible might of single-minded unity.

The white circle and the white stripe represent that the Korean people are a homogeneous nation and that they are a heroic people.

The two blue stripes reflect the ardent desire of the Korean people to make staunch efforts for peace, democracy, national independence and victory of the socialist cause by closely uniting with the revolutionary peoples around the world under the banner of anti-imperialist independence.

National Flag of DPRK

Early in February 1948 some officials submitted to President Kim Il Sung a draft design of the national flag of the DPRK to be soon founded.

After examining it Kim Il Sung said that he was satisfied at the flag in red, white and blue colors.

Referring to the irrational proportion of the three colors in the draft design, he advised them to depict the center of the national flag with red color, symmetrically bordered above and below by white and blue stripes and in particular, make the width of white and blue stripes thinner and more conspicuous than the draft. He specified the way for perfecting the draft design, explaining in detail the ideological contents to be incorporated in the national flag and the way to depict them.

After casting his eyes at the officials for a while, Kim Il Sung presented several other draft designs of the national flag made by him, proposing to exchange opinions.

He advanced his idea, saying: The ratio of the width to the length of the national flag should be properly adjusted. It would be good to put the white circle near the hoist, not in the middle as it is now and place a five-pointed red star within the circle to symbolically represent the bravery and heroism of our people who always make a victorious advance.

As such, the national flag of the DPRK is associated with Kim Il Sung’s scrupulous guidance.


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