National Emblem of the DPRK​


The DPRK’s national emblem shows a grand hydroelectric power station under Mt. Paektu, the sacred mountain of the Korean revolution, and the beams of a five-pointed red star, with ears of rice forming an oval frame and bound with a red ribbon bearing the inscription, “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

Mt. Paektu and the five-pointed red star and its beams represent the brilliant revolutionary traditions of the glorious anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle inherited by the DPRK government as well as the bright prospect of the Korean people making vigorous advance for the reunification and independence of their country and the victory in the cause of socialism.

The hydroelectric power station and the ears of rice symbolize the might of the DPRK’s industry and agriculture and the prospect of their development, and the plan for building socialism and a powerful independent national economy.

The oval frame bound with the red ribbon represents the eternity of invincible single-minded unity of the Korean people around the WPK and their leader and the prosperity of their country and its promising future.

National Emblem of DPRK

A national emblem symbolizes the history, tradition and people’s desires and aspirations of each country.

While leading the struggle to build a new country after Korea’s liberation, Kim Il Sung paid deep attention to instituting the national emblem of the country to be founded in the future.

He maintained that now that Korea, a country which was once deprived of its sovereign power by the Japanese imperialists and blotted out of the world map, would newly emerge as an independent and sovereign state, its national emblem should represent the spirit of the country.

What was required in this regard was to fully depict the struggle of the Korean people for the country’s complete independence and sovereignty and progress, inheriting the traditions of the anti-Japanese war.

Kim Il Sung stressed that it was of cardinal importance in the emblem designing to make sure that the emblem incorporate the symbols of the DPRK being a dignified, independent and sovereign state. He said that the emblem should include a shining five-pointed star, symbolic of victory, and much more ears of rice.

Anti-Japanese war heroine Kim Jong Suk said that the emblem should fully reflect Kim Il Sung’s plan of building a new country so that it could be accepted by all people in the north and south of Korea.

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Suk ensured that a large furnace in the center of draft design of the national emblem be replaced by a hydro-electric power station and a power transmission tower.

Thanks to the meticulous guidance of the President, the national emblem of the DPRK saw the light of day.


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