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National Folk Art Troupe, Great Contributor to Development of Juche National Art​


Pyongyang, October 4 (KCNA) -- The National Folk Art Troupe of the DPRK has covered 75 years of development in its history.

In the period, the Troupe has enriched the treasure house of the Juche-based national art by creating and performing lots of music and dance works.

Its 75-year history shines with the exploits of the great leaders who had guided it step by step to make our art a genuine art for the nation after indicating the new path for the development of the national culture.

President Kim Il Sung personally watched "The Altair and the Vega", an opera produced by creators and artistes of the Opera Troupe of North Korea, the predecessor of the National Folk Art Troupe, on October 4, Juche 36 (1947) and praised the Troupe for creating the first opera of the country with a small number of members.

Under the energetic leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the creators and artistes came to cherish the truth of history deeper that national art can be developed into a genuine art touching the heartstrings of the people only when it is guided by an outstanding leader.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un provided careful guidance so that the prestigious art troupe would create more masterpieces of the times.

Under the guidance of the great leaders, the Troupe has developed into a powerful art troupe with significant creating ability to be honored with Order of Kim Il Sung.

It has holders of Order Kim Il Sung, winners of Kim Il Sung Prize, labor heroes, winners of Kim Il Sung Youth Honor Prize, People's Artists, People's Artistes, Merited Artists and Merited Artistes numbering over 150.



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