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Itinerant Platforms of Young Volunteers Held in DPRK​


Pyongyang, September 21 (KCNA) -- Young people in the DPRK, who volunteered to work at the challenging posts of socialist constuction, took the platforms while touring different parts of the country from September 12 to 20, evoking the revolutionary enthusiasm of the younger generation who will leave an indelible trace in the history of building a prosperous and powerful country.

At the platforms, they expressed their will to glorify their youthful days at the theaters for the prosperity of the country, stressing that the great loving care of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un is the eternal care of the sun for the youths.

Officials of the youth league and young people engaged in the itinerant platforms said that the lives of the young people further shine along with the new era of the powerful country as they are guided by Kim Jong Un who makes a great history of valuing the youth. They stressed that no one can check the road ahead of a large army of young people who are dynamically advancing toward the rosy future, closely rallied around the Party Central Committee.

The itinerant platforms redoubled the patriotic youths' revolutionary enthusiasm and will to vigorously struggle for the new victory of the revolution and prosperity and development of our great state.



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