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Cage-net Fish Farming and Paddy-field Fish Breeding Brisk in DPRK


Pyongyang, August 10 (KCNA) -- Fish farming gets brisk across the DPRK.

Since the beginning of this year, the area used for cage-net fish farming and paddy-field fish breeding has increased by more than 10 000 square meters as compared to last year nationwide and tangible progress is seen in raising the scientific and intensity level of fish farming.

Pyongyang City raised the scientific level of fish farming by equipping cage-net fish farms with measuring instruments and reagents, while putting efforts into the protection of ecological environment.

While thoroughly observing the time and supply of feed according to the water temperature and quality index, fish farms steadily raise the growth rate of fish such as silver carp and Ryongjong fish.

South Hamgyong Province built cage-net fish farms at rivers and lakes favorable for fish breeding on a large scale, thus breeding fish such as carp and grass fish massively. While increasing the production of fish fry, measures are taken to ensure feed supply such as expanding the Hermetia illucens breeding grounds.

Fish breeding equipment are repaired and modernized at fish farming units in North Hamgyong and Jagang provinces, where highly efficient feed production methods are applied and stronger material and technical foundations laid to increase the production of fish.

Rural areas across the country briskly carry out paddy-field fish breeding to raise the productivity of fish and the fertility of soil, while saving chemical fertilizer and insecticides.



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