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Progress Made in Education and Scientific Research Work​


Pyongyang, August 7 (KCNA) -- The education revolution and the scientific research work are in full progress at Kim Chaek University of Technology in the DPRK.

This year alone, it opened a homepage giving advanced data on more than 1 100 subjects, set up 10-odd ultra-modern and cross-disciplinary science subjects including "natural language processing" and successfully settled one hundred and tens of pieces of sci-tech issues arising in reality.

The first half of the year, over 90 students placed the first at the international internet program contest Codechef to fly the flag of the DPRK through internet and the university emerged the winner at the national programming skill contest.

The research group of the university developed an ozone generator, spray disinfection device for freight car, etc. and succeeded in establishing the Korean-style system for mapping out the technical plan of dry heat disinfection place and measuring, controlling and monitoring temperature.

Researchers went to various factories in Kimhwa County of Kangwon Province and contributed to successfully holding the inaugural ceremony of the local industrial factories by establishing the integrated automation system, power control system, grounding protection system and the fire-watch system.

Researchers of the university made water electrolysis hydrogen generator using nano-catalyst, plastic waterproof cloth, etc.



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