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Socialist Emulation Drive for Increasing Production of Dairy Products Intensified​


Pyongyang, August 5 (KCNA) -- Organizations of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea are registering successes through the brisk socialist emulation drive for increasing the production of dairy products.

Union members of the Hungsang Dairy Cattle Farm created 10-odd hectares of reed field to settle the feed problem. They have also conducted the nutrition management and anti-epizootic work according to the characteristics of breeds of dairy cattle on a sci-tech basis to increase their weight.

The primary organization of the union at the Chongjin City Goat Farm created more than 2 000 hectares of grassland this year and bred over 1 000 goats by securing goats of good breed and increasing their numbers.

The same is true of the Phyongphungdok Goat Farm in Hamju County and the Sangi Industrial Crops Farm in Kujang County.



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