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Work to Expand Production Capacity Propelled​


Pyongyang, August 5 (KCNA) -- Officials and workers in the chemical industrial sector of the DPRK step up the work to create a new capacity and strengthen the existing production foundation.

The February 8 Vinalon Complex has pushed ahead with the work to overhaul the main production processes and expand the production capacity. Its officials, workers and technicians finished overhauling of 75-ton boiler in a short period.

The Namhung Youth Chemical Complex rechecked the equipment capacity to ensure the production on a high level.

The Hungnam Fertilizer Complex has actively conducted technological innovation movement for improving performance of equipment.

The same is true of the Pyongyang Rubber Factory, the Wonsan Chemical Factory, the Ponghwa Chemical Factory and Sinuiju Chemical Fibre Mill.



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