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Production of Consumer Goods Goes up in DPRK


Pyongyang, August 4 (KCNA) -- Pyongyang City of the DPRK has boosted the production of consumer goods, true to the Party's call for conducting the August 3 Consumer Goods Production Movement involving all the masses.

The Pyongyang City People's Committee has conducted the work to generalize the experience of advanced units in the production of consumer goods while encouraging the hot emulation among production units.

Women's clothes of diverse color and peculiar styles, quilts and pillows, made at the August 3 consumer goods production units in Taedonggang, Tongdaewon and Sunan districts, are now popular among the citizens.

Production units in Ryongsong, Taesong and Central districts turned out various kinds of quality goods like boots and soaps.

Those in Songyo, Rangnang, Sosong, Sadong and other districts have produced different kinds of grass-work, wooden products, ceramic ware and school things.

The same is true of Phyongchon, Ryokpho and Mangyongdae districts.

The August 3 consumer goods produced in the city were displayed at the Pyongyang city exhibition of consumer goods.



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