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Conferences of War Veterans Held in DPRK​


Pyongyang, July 26 (KCNA) -- National conferences of war veterans have been held with splendor in the DPRK, under the loving care of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who made it a tradition to significantly mark July 27, the war victory day, as the holiday of victors by inviting delegates of war veterans to Pyongyang every year.

The 2nd National Conference of War Veterans was splendidly held in the first year of the new century of Juche, as a great auspicious event to be specially recorded in the national history, at the direct initiative of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

The General Secretary took a step to invite the delegates of war veterans across the country to Pyongyang to attend the conference. And he made sure that certificates bearing the image of President Kim Il Sung were awarded to the delegates, and had a photo session with them.

The 3rd National Conference of War Veterans took place on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War.

The 60th Anniversary of Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War Order was conferred on 47 075 persons including anti-Japanese fighters, war veterans and persons of wartime merits.

A military parade and public procession of Pyongyang citizens, fireworks display and other celebrations were held in the presence of Kim Jong Un to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the war victory.

Kim Jong Un made sure that the delegates of war veterans wore military uniforms as they did in the war period. And he provided them with gifts of love and had a photo session with them.

The 4th National Conference of War Veterans, held on July 27, Juche 104 (2015), was a proud event that made the whole country seethe with enthusiasm for the revolution and struggle.

The General Secretary made a congratulatory speech at the conference and had a photo session with the war veteran delegates at the Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery.

The 5th National Conference of War Veterans was held to mark the 65th anniversary of the war victory.

Its participants received with deep emotion a congratulatory message from the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

The Party Central Committee worked out the schedule of the conference to help the participants spend convenient and pleasant days during the sojourn in Pyongyang and sent birthday spreads to them.

The Party Central Committee held conferences for war veterans despite the unprecedented global health crisis and manifold hardships.

The General Secretary made congratulatory speeches at the 6th and 7th national conferences of war veterans and made sure that the delegates enjoyed themselves at the Yangdok Hot Spring Resort.

Our war veterans are leading a happy and blessed life under his loving care.



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