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Agit-prop in Musan Mining Complex​


Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- The Musan Mining Complex meticulously conducts the political work for inspiring the miners to accomplish this year's plan for mineral production without fail.

Party information workers display hundreds of slogans, watchwords and posters reflecting the idea of the Party plenary meeting in order to raise the efficiency of agitprop activities.

They arm all the employees with the revolutionary idea of the Party Central Committee and current Party policies by conducting education with Party publications, radio programs and multi-media.

They introduce new methods of ideological education which can help workers and technicians grasp the Party's policies.

Members of an itinerant art squad and announcers of loudspeaker cars go round worksites to launch agitprop activities.

Militant and vibrant agitprop activities are underway in different units, resulting in rousing the revolutionary enthusiasm and fighting spirit of the working people out in the struggle for increased mineral production.



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