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Wheat and Barley Harvest Begins in DPRK​


Pyongyang, June 21 (KCNA) -- The harvest of wheat and barley was started in rural areas across the country.

Officials of the Agricultural Commission and agricultural guidance organs at all levels have scrupulously carried on the organization and direction after selecting the proper time for harvesting.

Agricultural workers in South Hwanghae Province harvest wheat and barley in more than 1 000 hectares of fields every day.

Pyongyang City launched various forms of agitprop to encourage the masses to accelerate the harvest.

South Phyongan Province gathers wheat and barley as planned.

Cities and counties of North Hwanghae Province concentrate efforts on harvesting.

The same is true of North Phyongan Province and Nampho and Kaesong cities.



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