Strengthened Role of Doctors in Charge of Households in Pyongyang​


Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- Medical workers in charge of households in Pyongyang fully discharge their duty in the forefront of the current anti-epidemic campaign.

Those of the Tongsong Polyclinic in the Central District find themselves in residential areas under their care to conduct information activities for preventing and treating COVID-19 and do more than four rounds of medical check-ups among inhabitants every day.

They have also made and supplied efficacious Koryo medicines to patients.

Polyclinics in other districts have worked hard to find the fevered persons and treat them in contact with the sanitary workers in charge of people's neighborhood units.

They, in consultation with their superiors, find all the patients with high fever lingering despite the repeated usage of fever remedies and take necessary measures.

By correctly teaching the drug-using methods for the patients of different ages, sexes and constitutions, they make sure that there would not be slight deviation.

They also apply Koryo medicines and folk remedies, while paying attention to the children, the aged, those with chronic diseases and pregnant women and nursing mothers.


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