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Daily Rice-transplanting Plan Overfulfilled in DPRK​


Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- Agricultural officials and workers throughout the country are accelerating the rice-transplanting.

According to data available, the daily rice-transplanting plan has been carried out 1.2 times.

Officials meticulously conduct technical guidance over agricultural workers in the Yonbaek Plain to push ahead with farming process as planned.

Agricultural workers in Paechon County transplant rice seedlings in 7 percent of the total area of rice fields every day.

The same is true of Yonan, Jaeryong and Anak counties.

Agricultural workers in the Yoldusamcholli Plain devote themselves to stepping up the rice-transplanting as scheduled amid the careful cultivation of rice seedlings and harrowing.

Those in Pyongyang City carried out their plans by over 70 percent as of May 26.

Due to the vigorous struggle of officials and workers in the agricultural field, a bright prospect has been opened to finish the rice-transplanting ahead of schedule throughout the country.



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