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Milk and Rice Powder Supplied to Infants in DPRK​


Pyongyang, May 28 (KCNA) -- Now that the whole country is under strict lockdown, the households having infants in the DPRK are provided with milk and rice powder, thanks to the warm love of the Workers' Party of Korea that spares nothing for the rising generations. It is the Party and the state's policy of utmost importance to provide improved rearing conditions, regarding it as the greatest revolutionary work to bring up the children to be robust, although it might cost a huge amount of money.

When the work for the normal supply of baby milk powder and rice powder faced troubles due to the unforeseen health crisis, the Party took necessary measures to ensure the supply.

Produced milk and rice powder has been carried to different regions immediately.

Supply has finished in Pyongyang City. Households with babies in provinces are being provided with baby milk and rice powder by the city and county material-supplying stations for nurseries and kindergartens.

Mothers express their deep gratitude for the benevolence of the Party, saying such warm care can be seen only in their socialist country.



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