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Noble Ideal of President Kim Il Sung


Pyongyang, May 25 (KCNA) -- During the anti-Japanese armed struggle, President Kim Il Sung told a religious man that he believed in the people as in God and Heaven.

He saw in the people the enthusiastic images of his family members in Mangyongdae who had turned out before anyone else in the patriotic struggle for destroying an aggressor warship and left their home one after another to liberate the country out of the steadfast spirit to live like a ever-green pine on Nam Hill.

He found himself among the participants in the March 1 Popular Uprising against the Japanese imperialists when he was young. At that time he realized that the Korean people were the brave and just people dauntlessly fighting against the aggressors who occupied their beloved country.

Korean people devotedly protected him when he was in danger during the anti-Japanese war. They faithfully upheld his idea by providing him with strength and courage when the country faced hardship and difficulties after its liberation.

On his 70th birthday, the President said that ordinary people were always his sincere protectors, benefactors and teachers. Looking back upon his career in the last period of his great life, he noted that he learned philosophy, economics and literature among the people so he always found himself among the people to be taught by them.

The people were his dearest.

Such noble idea has been an eternal source for endless victory and prosperity of the nation.



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