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Epidemic Prevention Measures Implemented in DPRK​


Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- All the people in the DPRK are involved in the epidemic prevention campaign to defuse the current severe health crisis, true to the determination, will, strategy and tactics of the Workers' Party of Korea Central Committee.

The medicines reserved by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un in his family were conveyed to families in difficulties in South Hwanghae Province.

Also conveyed to the families in difficulties were medicines, foodstuff and daily necessities donated by officials of the departments of the Party Central Committee and their families, public officials of the ministries and national institutions and senior officials of the Party and power organs in all provinces, cities and counties.

Nearly 3 000 members in the military medical field of the Korean People's Army have established a well-organized 24-hour service system to carry out the delivery and supply of medicines in a revolutionary way just after being deployed at hundreds of pharmacies in the capital city.

Senior officials in the provinces, cities and counties across the country have directed their efforts to the transport and supply of medicines so that they can reach in time and correctly even the villages in islands and forefront and remote mountain areas.

More than 1 428 000 officials, teachers and students in the public health and epidemic prevention sector have devoted themselves to the scientific and intensive medical checkup and treatment in relevant regions.

The central emergency epidemic prevention sector established a new command system to more intensively conduct the emergency epidemic prevention work, making preliminary arrangements to swiftly cope with the changing health crisis.

It has also pushed ahead with the work to put on a sci-tech basis the collection, transport and test of specimen from those persons with fever, while installing additional quarantine facilities and providing enough treatment and living conditions.

Officials and researchers in the medical science field have stepped up the work to massively develop and produce drugs effective in the treatment of the malignant virus infection and establish more rational diagnosis and treatment methods.

The emergency epidemic prevention sector in every province, city and county supplies on a preferential basis the anti-epidemic materials, reserved to cope with the global health crisis, to the medical workers and preventive and curative organs taking the lead in the combat against the malignant virus.

Nearly 500 rapid mobile anti-epidemic groups and rapid diagnosis and treatment groups are engaged in the nationwide work to confirm and treat the infected persons.

The hygienic and epidemic prevention organs launched a more vigorous information service among inhabitants after a standard treatment guide was issued by the state, and the legal organs are tightening the legal control over any possible negative practices.

Officials of the Party and power organs across the country put primary efforts into the work for minimizing inconvenience and suffering of the inhabitants and stabilizing their life.

Grain and vegetable transport teams were organized and mobile stalls deployed in every ri and village to promote the convenience in inhabitants' life, and many officials and citizens are involved in service activities throughout the country.

In particular, steps are being taken to take care of those involved in the epidemic prevention work and help the households in difficult conditions, and communist virtues and traits are being displayed throughout the country.

Meanwhile, major projects like the construction of 10 000 flats in the Hwasong area and the Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm have been propelled as scheduled, and agricultural workers and helpers are doing the immediate farming such as rice-transplantation in a responsible manner while struggling against the malignant epidemic and drought.

The Cabinet and national economic institutions are scrupulously organizing and guiding the economic work, and officials and workers in various economic sectors are increasing the production while maintaining a high-tense anti-epidemic atmosphere.



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