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Material and Technological Foundations Consolidated in Epidemic Prevention Sector​


Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- Works for strengthening the material and technological foundations in the epidemic prevention sector are being propelled across the country to cope with the current health crisis.

A work has been accelerated as planned to reinforce the ranks of epidemic prevention workers with competent professionals.

The work for training members who can skillfully handle medical equipment to be used at provincial, city and county hygienic and epidemic prevention organs is being sped up at the final stage.

And works for enhancing the level and ability of those at emergency epidemic prevention organs to the maximum have been conducted in various forms and methods.

Meanwhile, measures are taken to provide the rapid mobile epidemic prevention groups and rapid diagnosis and treatment groups organized at the emergency epidemic prevention organs at all levels with better conditions for their activities.

The works for perfecting various processes for the production of anti-epidemic materials are also brisk. A work for developing a technology of smoothly producing antiseptic solution without salt or with less salt is propelled at the final stage.

Also, works have been steadily launched to develop modern medical equipment and programs urgently needed for the epidemic prevention sector and introduce them into curative and preventive organs and hygienic and epidemic prevention organs at all levels and establish the scientific therapies on a nationwide scale.



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