Teams for Aiding Repair of Farm Machines Active in DPRK​


Pyongyang, May 13 (KCNA) – Workers of factories and enterprises across country are conducting the activities of the teams for aiding the repair of farm machines at co-op farms.

More than 1 170 teams formed of thousands of trade union officials and members, technicians and skilled workers have repaired hundreds of farm machines such as tractors and rice-transplanting machines and secured more than 3 400 pieces of spare parts of over 90 kinds to contribute to the farming.

Workers and technicians of the Haeju Tractor Accessory Parts Factory repaired tractors and rice-transplanting machines in Jangbang Co-op farm in Haeju City and other co-op farms.

Working people of industrial establishments in Nampho City including the Taean Heavy Machine Complex and the Kangso Mineral Water Factory have rendered material and moral assistance to co-op farms such as the Tami Co-op Farm in Taean District and the Susan Co-op Farm in Kangso District.

Trade union organizations in North Hwanghae Province are revving up the atmosphere of aiding the rural communities with brisk mass campaigns such as the socialist emulation drive, and working people and technicians in North Phyongan Province and Ryanggang Province have dedicated their wisdom and energy to increasing the operating ratio of farm machines.

The brisk activities of the teams for aiding the repair of farm machines across the country are contributing to the campaign against drought and the present farming.


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