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Measures for Prevention Drought Damage Taken​


Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA) – The officials and working people of Kaesong City are taking strong measures amid the brisk work for preventing drought damage across the country.

Officials of the agricultural sector fully grasped farmlands vulnerable to drought damage at the farms and have intensified technical guidance to secure water resources to the maximum and introduce efficient watering methods while concentrating all efforts to improving the nutritive conditions of crops.

Numerous working people of the industrial establishments and housewives of neighborhood units of the city are working hard at farms.

Cooperative farms are ensuring soil temperature by putting water control on a scientific basis and fully watering fields by exploiting equipment including mobile water pumps and sprinklers.

They have also expanded and repaired wells and water holes and made new water pockets to cope with drought, improved nutritive conditions of crops with growth stimulants and bio-active agents and mobilized means of transporting water.

Meanwhile, the city pushes ahead with the work as planned to prevent drought damage and complete immediate farming in the right season and in a qualitative way.


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