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President Kim Il Sung's Native Home


Many working people in the DPRK visit President Kim Il Sung's native home at Mangyongdae, where he was born and spent his childhood, on the occasion of the Day of the Sun (his birthday), the greatest auspicious holiday of the Korean nation.

Many years have passed since national liberation from Japanese colonial rule, his native home at Mangyongdae, a thatched house, has been preserved.

The low-roofed thatched house tells a story about the popular traits of the President.

After national liberation, a two-storied Western-style house was built behind his native home. It was the one for his stay at Mangyongdae.

Being told about the fact, he called for pulling down the Western-style house. At that time he said that he liked his native home best and he slept with his grandparents at the home when he met them for the first time after national liberation.

And he said that it had better build a dwelling for the people with the materials used in building the Western-style house.

As the President was always concerned about people's poor living conditions after national liberation, he never permitted officials to build a new house for him or reconstruct his native home.

Visitors can feast their eyes on a street of modern apartment houses not far away from his native home, where once huts of poor peasants were located.

Modern houses are being built for the people but his native home still remains as it was in the past as a token of the noble popular traits of the President.


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