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More Agricultural Workers Enrolled in Online Educational System


Pyongyang, January 18 (KCNA) -- Entering the new year, enthusiasm for learning is growing higher among the agricultural workers in the DPRK.

In this regard, various universities across the country like Pyongyang University of Agriculture, Wonsan University of Agriculture and Sariwon Kye Ung Sang University of Agriculture push ahead with the work to further increase the number of students in online educational system.

At present, officials of various cities and counties (districts), including Rangnang and Mangyongdae districts of Pyongyang and 10-odd counties of North Phyongan Province, and co-op farms across the country are studying via online educational system.

In particular, tens of agricultural workers from the Migok Cooperative Farm in Sariwon City, North Hwanghae Province are studying via the online educational system of Sariwon Kye Ung Sang University of Agriculture. Officials of the farm are taking measures to provide a better educational environment for increasing the number of students.



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