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Youth Shock Brigade Activities Brisk in DPRK


Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- Young people of the DPRK keep raising the flames of the collective innovation in socialist construction.

After the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, more than 113 000 officials and members of the youth league organizations in the field of the key industries including metallurgical and chemistry industries have made a breakthrough in the advance while performing feats in every worksite of the economic construction through shock brigade activities.

Young people of the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex have carried out their task in the construction of the oxygen heat blast furnace by the time appointed and members of the youth shock brigade of the Chollima Steel Complex played a vanguard role in the stirring worksites.

Members of the youth shock brigades of the February 8 Vinalon Complex and the Pyongyang Thermal Power Plant undertake all the hard work including remodeling, repairing and slag removing.

Members of the youth shock brigades of the Kaechon Area Coal Mining Complex and the Kangdong Area Coal Mining Complex have fulfilled their monthly tunneling plans while increasing the speed of drilling and efficiency of blasting.

Young people of the Ministry of Railways have made a tangible contribution to the replacement of the existing railways with heavy ones by pushing ahead with the project for putting the production process of the Rahung Concrete Sleeper Factory on a modern basis and producing a large quantity of concrete sleepers through their shock brigade activities.

Officials and members of the youth league committees of the forestry management bureaus in Ryanggang and Jagang provinces have taken the lead in the production while directing efforts to timber-felling and transporting and providing accessories necessary for normal operation of vehicles.

The positive activities of the young people inject vitality into the general advance for the overall development in socialist construction.


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