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Active Scientific Research Work Propels Regional Development


Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- Officials and researchers of commissions of science and technology across the country are powerfully promoting regional development with practical achievements.

The State Commission of Science and Technology made scrupulous arrangements to ensure that commissions of science and technology in Pyongyang City, all provinces and municipalities directly under the central authority perform their duty as the general staff of science and technology.

The Pyongyang City Commission of Science and Technology is stepping up the research to create a model place for ecological restoration which has abilities to purify water, control floods and protect biodiversity on the Pothong River in cooperation with relevant units.

The North Phyongan Provincial Commission of Science and Technology helped the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory and the Sinuiju Textile Mill to introduce a temperature controlling equipment of a plastic waste crusher and also helped to build a new process of producing a belt out of recycled rubber at the Sinuiju Footwear Factory.

The similar commission in South Hwanghae Province solved technological problems for setting up integrated control system and cooling protection system in Haeju Steel Factory.

The Kangwon Provincial Commission of Science and Technology confirmed promising ultra-anthracite deposits and introduced additive for increasing combustion efficiency, thus contributing to solving fuel issue for citizens.

The science and technology commissions in Sunchon City and Pukchang County in South Phyongan Province and those in several district and counties of Nampho City and in Kaesong City also solved many scientific and technological problems.


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