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Achievements Made in Autumn Land Management


Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- Achievements were made in the DPRK as a result of vigorous mass campaign for autumn land management.

Officials and working people of North Hwanghae Province improved dozens of kilometers of roads and rivers and repaired a lot of dwelling houses and public buildings during the autumn period of the general mobilization for land administration.

Officials of several units including the Provincial Land and Environmental Conservation Bureau worked out a detailed plan to be carried out in the period of the general mobilization and conducted the organizational and political work to turn the land administration into the work of the masses themselves.

The working people of provincial-level organs paved sections of the Pyongyang-Kaesong motorway with gravel and cement qualitatively in a short period.

Cities and counties expanded the width of bridges and roads, newly built revetment, dredged river-beds, rebuilt embankments, built terraced fields, improved public service facilities and parks and planted trees of good species, thereby registering a lot of achievements.


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