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Chol Pass Telling Immortal Feats of Great Songun Brilliant Commander


Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- The people of the DPRK are now recalling the immortal feats Chairman Kim Jong Il performed for the country and people.

Chol Pass in the eastern mountainous area of Kangwon Province is a witness telling the Chairman's patriotic devotion for defending the country.

The pass with steep ridges and deep valleys has ninety-nine turnings. Till the last moments of his life, the Chairman had crossed the pass many times to inspect frontline units.

One day when officials entreated him to cross the steep pass no more, he said that he could not stop his journey via Chol Pass as there are his soldiers on the defence lines over it who are yearning for the Supreme Commander before their homes and that he would continue this journey to inspect the frontline units.

With such burning will of defending the country and ardent love for and trust in the soldiers, he provided an eternal foundation for the country's prosperity while crossing many steep mountains including Chol Pass.

In those days, he sometimes went without having even a simple rice-ball for meal on a running jeep and waited on the road for daybreak in consideration of sleeping soldiers.

Thanks to his devoted efforts, the dignity and might of the country could reach the highest level.


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