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National Ra it Show and Experience-sharing Workshop Held


Pyongyang, December 2 (KCNA) -- A national rabbit show and experience-sharing workshop of school youth league and children's union organizations and schoolchildren took place on Wednesday through video teleconferencing.

Present there were officials of youth league committees in Pyongyang City, provinces, cities and counties, principals and instructors of youth league and children's union organizations of schools that have been exemplary in raising rabbits.

At the show, officials of the Central Committee of the youth league and the Zootechny Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science judged and evaluated the rabbits raised by schoolchildren in different parts of the country.

Samhung Middle School, Songgan Technology Senior Middle School in Songgan County and Ryongchon Senior Middle School in Wonsan City were highly appraised in group rankings and schoolchildren in South Phyongan Province and North and South Hwanghae provinces in individual rankings.

Pyongyang City took the first place in total standings.

Introduced at the experience-sharing workshop was experience gained by different schools in increasing the production of meat and lapin by properly choosing seed rabbits suitable for the specific characters of their regions and the actual condition of their units and positively developing efficient vaccines and veterinary medicine.

A lecture on sci-tech problems in rabbit breeding was also given.


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