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DPRK Papers Call for Accelerating Building of Powerful Socialist Country


Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) -- Leading newspapers of the DPRK on Wednesday editorially say that it is the bounden duty and noble moral obligation of the people to bring the patriotic wishes of Chairman Kim Jong Il into bloom.

Rodong Sinmun fetes Kim Jong Il as a peerless patriot who laid the everlasting groundwork for building a thriving nation and brought the rosy future of Juche Korea, a genius of ideology and theory who clearly indicated the way ahead of the building of a powerful state with his energetic ideo-theoretical activities, an outstanding leader who laid firm foundation for building a powerful socialist nation with his untiring revolutionary guidance and a peerless Songun brilliant commander and tender-hearted father who firmly safeguarded and materialized the people's dignity and happiness.

The Chairman's patriotic desire for building a powerful state is being translated into a brilliant reality by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, says the daily, and goes on:

The respected General Secretary energetically leads the struggle for turning our country into an invincible power and a socialist paradise where the people's dream and ideal are realized, the greatest patriotic legacy of the Chairman.

Thanks to the wise leadership of the General Secretary who is confidently leading the Korean revolution to a new great victory meeting all sorts of challenges and ordeals of history, the new century of Juche has witnessed a series of miraculous victories and high-profile events and a new era of development, an era of our state-first principle has been ushered in on this land.

As we are led by the respected General Secretary who is writing a new history of the building of a powerful socialist state by giving full play to the ideological power and indomitable mental strength of all the patriotic-minded people while implanting Kim Jong Il's patriotism in their hearts, our country will shine as the Chairman's country forever.

Minju Joson appeals to everyone to resolutely struggle to build a prosperous people's paradise and powerful socialist nation, where the Chairman's lifetime wishes have been realized, on this land under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.


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