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Young People Work Miracles and Make Innovations in Major Fields of Economic Construction


Pyongyang, November 30 (KCNA) -- Young people who took part in the celebrations for the Youth Day in August are working miracles and making innovations in major sites of economic construction.

Head of the Kim Kwang Chol Youth Shock Brigade of Joyang Coal Mine under Kaechon Area Coal-Mining Complex and a member of the Cha Kwang Su Youth Shock Brigade under Hukryong Coal Mine under Kangdong Area Coal-Mining Complex waged the mass movement for doing the work of one more shift, thus over-fulfilling tunneling plan every month, in order to repay the profound loving care shown by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who had a photo taken with them through increased coal production.

Over eighty young people of the Kim Jin Youth Shock Brigade of the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex undertook the difficult task in building an energy-saving oxygen heat blast furnace to carry it out in just over 30 days.

Young people in Pukchang Thermal Power Complex are making great contributions to uninterrupted power production.

Young people of the Kangwon Provincial Youth Shock Brigade and those of Hoeryong City, North Hamgyong Province did their share in finishing the project for paving long stretches of road.

Those young people who volunteered to work in Okdo Co-op Farm in Ryonggang County, Nampho City did the work of two or three men in the campaign for concluding the farming for this year and donated to the country the grain they received as their share.

Youth volunteers across the country including the youth shock brigade of Kaesong City and those in Youth Stock-farm in Kumya County who are working innovations and setting examples in major fields of socialist construction are the pride of our Party and people.


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