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Sinuiju Chicken Farm Remodeled


Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) -- The Sinuiju Chicken Farm was successfully remodeled.

Officials of North Phyongan Province worked out a detailed yearly plan to remodel poultry farms and have pushed ahead with the construction with precedence given to the provision of materials and equipment under the object of finishing the upgrading of the Sinuiju Chicken Farm in the first year of carrying out the decisions made at the Party Congress.

Workers of the factory and builders established the industrial production process of feed additive and fermented feed based on locally available raw materials and built a Hermetia illucens breeding ground and substitute feed production base.

They also built an integrated control room to automatically control the temperature, humidity, ventilation and feed supply for chicken corrals.

They remodeled a hatchery, dozens of chicken and duck corrals and built a sci-tech learning space, a ground for producing organic compound fertilizer and others.

There took place an inaugural ceremony of the farm on Sunday.


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