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Designing Institute of Electronics and Automation Marks Its 50th Anniversary


Pyongyang, November 29 (KCNA) -- The Designing Institute of Electronics and Automation which plays a key role in putting the national economy on a modern and IT basis marks its 50th founding anniversary.

The institute has made a great contribution to the establishment of the integrated production systems of a lot of factories and enterprises across the country and to project for putting their production processes on an automatic and unmanned basis over the past ten years as required by the times when top priority is being given to the role of science and technology and all fields and units intensify the development of new technology.

President Kim Il Sung, with deep insight into the significance of the development of electronics and automation in comprehensively updating the national economy, made sure that the institute was founded on Nov. 30, Juche 60 (1971) and illuminated the orientation for it to follow and ways for doing so.

Chairman Kim Jong Il saw to it that a powerful design force and a lot of equipment were sent to the institute and paid deep attention to making the institute play a key role in propelling the independent and modern development of the national economy as required by the reality.

The energetic guidance provided by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who gave teachings for problems arising in putting the electronics and automation industry of the country on the world level and provided guidance served as a motive power enabling the institute to successfully fulfill its mission and duty in the ongoing general advance.

Designers of the institute have registered a lot of research successes contributable to the building of a thriving country.

They put the operation of generating equipment on a scientific basis by introducing the latest control systems to several power stations true to the Party's policies of improving the operation of power stations.

They introduced research achievements of practical value to enterprises including the Musan Mining Complex to make them profusely pay off.

The officials and employees of the institute remaining faithful to the plan and intention of the Party have more fully displayed their stubborn power of execution in the march in the new century of Juche.

They established the integrated control system in several power stations and put their important equipment on a digital basis in our own way, regarding the behests of Kim Jong Il and the Party's policies as their lifeline.

Associated in the modern streets and bases for public catering service including Ryomyong Street, Mirae Scientists Street and Munsu Water Park are the unassuming efforts of the technology group of the institute who devoted their creative wisdom and passion to putting the power system on a modern and automatic basis true to the noble idea of our Party of believing in people as in Heaven.

Officials, designers and employees of the Designing Institute of Electronics and Automation are full of enthusiasm to wage a hot emulation for firmly consolidating the economic foundation of every sector of the national economy and accelerating the work for putting them on a modern and IT basis, true to the readjustment and reinforcement strategy set forth at the 8th Party Congress.


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